How do you find the perfect spot for your photo shoot? 

When it comes to finding a great location for your outdoor photo session, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Time of year, weather, and travel distance are the first things that may come to mind. But how do you find a location that really brings your photos to life?

Here are a few suggestions and tips to use while finding your perfect photoshoot location:

Columbia River Gorge Photoshoot, Portland Oregon

Dramatic Location

Love a good weekend adventure? Do you hike every chance you get? Then taking your photos with a dramatic mountain landscape at sunset might be your perfect location! Incorporating gorgeous views and stunning landscapes are a great way to bring your personality into your photos–as well as pay homage to this beautiful world we have the chance to live in. This works especially well for creative portraits and elopement photos to add a dramatic and otherworldly effect.

Check out this photoshoot in the Columbia River Gorge in just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast Elopement

Meaningful location

While taking photos at a stunning location might make your photos look epic (which is such a vibe), you could also consider hosting your photo session at a spot a bit closer to home: meaning, somewhere that’s special for you!

If you are doing an engagement session, you could go to where you had your first date, where you proposed, or even somewhere you went on vacation. It could even be right in the comfort of your own home.

Location with good lighting

When considering what spot to use at the location itself, make sure you are able to have access to various types of lighting. This could include somewhere that has access to full sun, partial sun (through leaves in the trees), and full shade. It could also be somewhere with a good horizon spot for a beautiful sunset glow and golden hour beams in your photos. 

Having a location that allows for variation in your lighting will create even more variety in the shots that you get back in your gallery!

Natural props

Shooting through objects close to the camera creates a framing effect for your photos that is more creative and dramatic. It can also allow for a darker and moodier image.

Locations with natural props allow you to get imaginative with your compositions, producing a beautiful effect that wont look out of place.

Shooting through grass or ferns, peeking around leaves, or even leaning against something like a tree or a wall will allow for more variety in your photos.

Vermont grass field photo shoot

Somewhere quiet

And last but not least: somewhere quiet.

This is usually something that you wouldn’t think about, until you are in the middle of your session at a popular location…with tons of people staring at you.

For some folks this may not make a huge difference, however, your photo session is going to be a moment when you are creating beautiful memories. For those who are a bit more shy, it may be best to find a location where people won’t be staring at you and making you feel uncomfortable while taking photos.

Still need help finding the best photo shoot location for you?

As a photographer that’s taken photos all over the United States, I have tons of experience with scouting locations (even remotely!) before your shoot even begins.

If you are looking for a photographer who will help you find the perfect location for your photoshoot, reach out to me on my contact page to set up a consultation call!