Magical Fall Foliage Elopement | Grafton, Vermont

A + A spent peak foliage weekend in early October eloping at the top of a mountain overlooking the trees near Grafton, Vermont. The two planned an intentional day, celebrating their union in a beautiful region of the state they loved exploring together. Every moment of their day was filled with unique touches - from their fully thrifted outfits and jewelry (even the wedding dress!), to their dried florals and handwritten cards from friends to wish them well on their new journey as newlyweds. After their tear-filled vows, the two sealed the deal with a kiss and a hug and took in the totality of the moment. Before they hiked back down the mountain, a double rainbow appeared to send them off with some magic.

The Location: Cliff Overlook | Near Grafton, Vermont

When talking with A + A about their ideal location, they had a few non-negotiables: a location near their accommodations, a short (and easy) hike, beautiful views of the fall foliage, and somewhere that was completely private. As many folks know, fall foliage is the most popular time of year for people to visit Vermont, and it can be difficult to find a spot that is 100% private. But through some strategic research and location scouting months before, I was able to find the perfect location that checked all the boxes.

To keep the location private and hidden, I'm not going to mention the specific trail name here, but folks who are interested in capturing their own love story here can access that spot through my Vermont Locations Guide I provide all of my clients.

Magical Fall Foliage Elopement | The Story

A + A both prepared for their elopement day at their acommodations at the lovely Windham Hill Inn in West Townsend, Vermont, with views of the soaring mountains visible from their room's balcony. They helped each other get ready--donning their tweed suit, pocket watch, vintage wedding dress, fur overcoat, and vintage pearl headpiece. We took some cute photos on their balcony overlooking the mountains, and hopped into my truck to head off to the trailhead.

Once at the trail, we hiked up a gentle incline through tall pines and bright yellow foliage, stopping along the way for photos. Picnic basket in tow, we wandered along the trail--stopping along the way to take photos and admire the foliage, cool tree bark, and mushrooms!

At the top of the trail, we had the lookout to ourselves. A + A sat along the ledges overlooking the faraway storm clouds through the golden light of autumn, as they read letters and postcards from family and friends. Their well wishes were filled with joy, laughter, and love for the two soon-to-be newlyweds. Through tearful vows, A + A declared their love and promises for each other amongst the whispering pines, with the light, the storm and I as their witnesses. After the ceremony was complete, a double-rainbow streaked across the sky to celebrate their union with a slash of vibrant color against the storm clouds.

With the impending storm, A + A opted to return to the Inn for their picnic. I drove them back in my truck, listening to the rain on the windows as a Vintage Love playlist from Spotify played in the background. Back at the Inn, A + A celebrated by sharing their picnic and champagne in front of the fireplace. We topped off the evening with a champagne bathtub moment, and I left the two to relax and enjoy their evening together. It was a perfect Fall foliage elopement in Southern Vermont.

Congratulations A + A on your beautiful elopement. I'm sending you all my love and well wishes for this new chapter ahead!