Making Your Fantasy a Reality

Everyone has an image inside of them of who they truly are and want to be. Does your heart have you running through the rain in the Highlands of Scotland? Or holding hands with your lover barefoot at the base of a towering waterfall? You may often spent time daydreaming about the life you wish you could live, and the person you know to be deep within your soul that only sometimes comes to the surface.

Together we will discover the images that make your soul feel at home, and bring those ideas to life.

Invest in Yourself

The Creative Process

Custom Concept Creation

I create custom mood boards and provide detailed planning inspired by your dreams. I start each client relationship with an inquiry call where we discuss your vision, and I provide solutions to help you bring that vision to life. I use Pinterest to create collaborative mood boards for your project, this is where the daydreaming truly begins!

Styling + Unique Locations

All clients get full access to my client closet and props for their creative portrait sessions. I source most of my items locally here in Vermont, and often cycle through outfits and costumes through trade, barter, or thrifting items to keep my consumption sustainable. Each client of mine gets access to my Locations Guide that features magical locations all across Vermont.

Ethereal Editing + Finishing

Ethereal editing is the key to bringing images to life. With dark and moody edits, I can transform an ordinary photograph into a stunning work of art that captures the true essence of my subject. Whether it's using light and shadow to create depth or adding dreamy textures and colors to evoke a specific mood, my goal is to create images that tell a story.

Portrait Packages Starting at $750

travel + taxes not included

Haydn Cherie

Nature-inspired pagan tattoo artist

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Olivia Mancivalano

Dark Goddess of the Gorge

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Haley LeBaron

Feyre's Night Court Fantasy

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Love what you see? Inquire below to start daydreaming your own creative portraits!

Get to know me a little bit!

Here are some things we might have in common:

  • A love of all things fantasy: art, books, movies, and culture
  • Plant-based lifestyle: for our health, our environment, and ethics
  • A deep sense of love and connection to the world around us and the mountains that we call home
  • Appreciation for quiet moments: reading good books, walking through the woods, and sipping a maple-sweetened hot beverage
  • Sense of adventure: a love of travel from the mountains to the seas
  • Good food: I'm a dessert person with a love for vegan diner food.
  • Love of Vermont: I spend my spring gardening, my summer on my motorcycle, my fall hiking in the mountains, and my winters on my snowshoes in the woods

Ready to bring your fantasy to reality?