The Silence Between

Short Narrative

Emmy Award Winning Short Film

When a distracted career musician stumbles upon one of his past judges, he learns to embrace the silence he needs to find his focus and rediscover his passion.

Starring Derek Desatti, Neil Freebern, and Allie McGahie

The Silence Between, Short Film, 2019


Pat, a young trombonist, lives his life auditioning for touring ensembles. With a scattered mind and isolated lifestyle, he struggles to live with his long-term girlfriend who keeps him from his work. When Pat’s need for silence is exposed, a mentoring conductor helps him form new perspectives on the distractions that hinder musicians while creating their art. The Silence Between explores the complicated relationships that artists have with their mentors, their partners, and themselves.

Festival Circuit

New England Emmy Awards
Global Music Awards
Long Island International Film Festival
Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
Student Los Angeles Film Awards
Accolade Global Film Competition
Vermont International Film Festival (VTIFF)
White River Indie Film Festival
Los Angeles CineFest
Vermont Freedom and Unity Film Festival

Press Kit

The film’s inspiration all came from eating pizza and writing ideas on sticky notes with Neil Freebern, my life mentor and my high school music teacher. Being able to capture an artist’s struggle with focusing is something we can all relate to, but especially musicians. It was something I often struggled with as I got older. From these struggles came the idea, the beginnings of scenes and visuals for what would end up being The Silence Between.

Origin Story